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The red tunny fished in the tonnara of Favignana is the raw material used by our firm in the different phases of processing. The target of the firm is combining atavic tradition of tuna processing with the market demands; that is made real with the implementation of a plant, where, in accordance with the current sanitary regulations, a successful array of products will be obtained.

The owners of the firm have a great experience and skill in this sector, and this element, together with the consumers demands of typical and high quality products, will be the basic point for a steady development in the market.

Currently the firm "Il Tonno" srl produces a vast array of products connected with the tuna processing, from the tuna in extra virgin olive oil to the "bottarga"(salted tuna eggs), to the "ventresca", to the "tarantello"and all the other traditional gastronomic tuna products.

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