Salt cod

At Tonno Astor, you can also find salt cod, one of the best-loved gastronomic treasures in Italy and around the world.

The northern cod that is used to prepare salt cod can be either 'Gadus morhua' or 'Gadus macrocephalus'. The first, lives in the Barents Sea under the polar ice pack and when spawning season approaches, migrates to warmer seas for spawning. The 'Gadus macrocephalus', on the other hand, is typical of the North Pacific.

Besides Norway and Iceland, Portugal, Canada and Denmark with the Faroe Islands have a long tradition of cod production.

Skilfully processed salt cod fillets, versatile in cooking, are ideal for many recipes.

Salt cod fillets

Whole salt cod with an authentic and genuine flavour in every bite.

Whole salt cod

The secret of salt cod: preservation and processing

The preparation of salt cod is an artisanal process that requires care and attention. After cleaning the cod, the fish is cut and opened 'butterfly-style', i.e. from belly to tail. Next, the fish is immersed in brine and placed on pallets, where layers of dry salt are alternated with layers of fish, allowing the cod to mature for 8-10 days. This process is crucial as it gives the cod its unique texture and characteristic flavour.

From a nutritional point of view, cod is a real champion. It is rich in protein but low in fat and calories, making it a healthy choice for any table.

Italy's love for salt cod

It is no surprise that Italy is one of the world's leading consumers of salt cod. This delicious fish is part of our culinary culture and brings with it a tradition rich in flavours and stories to enjoy.

At Tonno Astor, we are committed to bringing you only the best. Our passion for sustainable fishing and respect for gastronomic traditions are the pillars of our company. Come and visit us in the shop.

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