Tuna bottarga

Tuna bottarga is an authentic treasure that embodies centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Also known as 'caviar of the Mediterranean', it is a gastronomic excellence appreciated for its intense flavour and versatility in cooking. Each piece is carefully selected, refined and prepared according to tradition to guarantee a high quality product.

Tuna bottarga is appreciated for its rich and strong taste, reminiscent of the sea. Use it to enrich pasta, risottos, salads and fish dishes. It is a unique ingredient that will add depth to your dishes.

Choose Astor tuna bottarga to explore the authentic flavour of Sicily. Discover our selection and add a touch of elegance to your dishes.

Artisanal, handmade red tuna bottarga.

Sliced red tuna bottarga

Grated tuna bottarga in a bag, 40 g.

Grated tuna bottarga
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