Tuna by weight

Our tuna by weight offers a wide range of options to meet your needs.

With Astor, you can choose the desired quantity and enjoy tuna just as if it had just been caught. This delicious ingredient is perfect for raw dishes, delicate marinades and light cooking, guaranteeing a unique gastronomic experience.

Choose freshness and authenticity with Astor Tuna by weight. Explore the various options available and turn every meal into an experience.

Smoked tuna, with its intense flavour, is a unique culinary experience.

Smoked tuna

Tuna Bresaola is a masterpiece of taste and tenderness.

Tuna Bresaola

Gastronomic treasure, loved for its exquisite delicacy and refinement.

Smoked swordfish

A feast for the palate, with its intense flavour and firm texture.

Tuna salami
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Do you need help or want to place an order?

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